Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I finally got the gumption to do something with the pile of pinecones out by the door. I picked them all last year because I was going to make a garland. I tried but found it difficult to work with the wire and it looked aweful so I gave up! So yesterday I decided to put one of the wreaths I made to use. With a little spraypaint, glitter and hotglue...

The question now is what to do with the rest!!! I barely made a dent in the pile. I mostly have Norway Spruce and Blue Spruce left. (Those are the larger ones)


  1. Goodness I always have trouble formatting my blog so that the pictures line up nice. Any tips?!

  2. YAH! Sis is crafty!!! Looks great keep up the great work and awsome ideas

  3. Nancy, I just love this wreath! DLG would love it to have you shown it to her?

    The white really adds to it! I would never have thought of it!