Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Fall

The leaves have fallen, the days are darker, and there is a sprinkling of frost over everything in the mornings. It's definitely fall. The geese have been flying south steady for weeks now and they soon will be all gone but I saw some cranes fly over today. Today, November 1st, is the first day of deer season, we went out and Terry shot a doe mule deer. I've got two mule deer tags as well, so hopefully I'll get one next time! I didn't get any pictures so hopefully I'll get some of those next time too. I was trying to remember the other day what date Bonfire night is, I think it's Nov 3rd. I miss Bonfire night, they still do it in Newfoundland - it's an old English thing I believe. Happy Fall everyone!

I should make a comment my Christmas cards, I've been making them since September! I've got my quota made but still making more. I've got lots more ideas. I just ordered a new stamp from QKR Stampede and I've got a Stampin' Up parcel coming from my mom & sister. Exciting! I think I'll post some of my cards online eventually. Bye for now.

Okay so I found out that BonFire night is the 5th.

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  1. ...waiting eagerly for a card...

    actually forget the card, I'll just take a real live Nancy if you please!

    (can't wait to see you!)

    (I'd take a card too :)