Saturday, April 10, 2010

Riding Along Singin' a Cowboy Song

Taking another opportunity on this "snowday" to update my blog. Last Friday Terry and I went for a ride. This time I brought the camera, but it's hard to take pictures while bouncing along on the back of a horse. We stopped to take a few. Terry rode Peanuts the Third, I got Cinnamon, and of course Lady tagged along.

They weren't very excited to leave their friends behind but we weren't out for very long. It was a beautiful day though.

Yay for snow days!

Hi friends, yesterday was a snowday, pretty huge storm with 90+km of wind. It was snowing and blowing all night and it's still snowing now but it's not as bad as it was yesterday. So we are staying inside except for to help push out the two trucks that got stuck in front of the house. When we got up yesterday morning you couldn't see out any of the windows because the snow was stuck to ALL the windows. But I managed to take a few pictures. It's about lunchtime now and it's actually not looking too bad outside, we might be able to go to town this afternoon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Adventure Has Begun!

So I had a little time this morning so I thought I'd go out and clean up the garden a little. You know, pick up the sprucecones, cut off the old stems from last year and maybe start putting the bricks back in place. Well my heart did a leap when I saw this one little sprout poking out of the ground... then when I looked I saw more. I RAN in the house and got the camera. Then I counted 11 bulbs poking up altogether! No sign of the peony yet. I am going to put some garlic in this year. I realize now that it should have been planted in the fall but they can be planted in the spring. So I'll do that sometime in the next couple of days I guess.

This seasons adventure has begun!