Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Early Birthday Surprise!

So Terry tells me he knows what he's getting me for my birthday and TRIED to order it and inlisted Mary's help, then looked online to order and got even more confused about what exactly to get. So he just HAD to tell me! He wanted to buy me a hydrangea but didn't know which one to get and because ordering them cost so much money (over $100) he didn't want to get the wrong kind for our zone, or something I didn't like... so he let me choose!

We found one really cheap at a local garden centre (Evergreen actually). It is an "Endless Summer - The Original" a mophead hydrangea which can be blue or pink. It looks like mine is mostly pink! It's supposed to be hardy to Zone 3 so we're giving it a try!!!

I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! However it is a bit disconcerting when I go out on a super sunny day and it's all flopped over! Apparently that's natural but I'm afraid I've planted it in too sunny a spot. Well we'll see how it goes. Any hydrangea tips? YAY!!!

Lady Lilac's Lovely Lilac's!!!

So here are a few pictures I took last week (or at least I think it was last week). Our fantastic lilac hedge has come into full bloom and with handfuls of that sweet smell on the table every day. Sadly they are fading now. I HAD to post the picture of the Allium(that purple ball)! They are about amazing about 2.5" tall and 4 inches across!!! I'm so glad I bought those, I wonder if you can get different colours? Then I also included my Lonely Lily of the Valley. A few came back but only one bloomed. I'm so glad I got some Michelle. I've since gotten some more from Mary so hopefully next year there will be MORE!

I've got a video of around the garden that I have to upload to YouTube. I should probably go do that. And I've got another little surprise to share with you guys!

Very much enjoying my garden, I hope you are enjoying yours :)